Thieves target rural horseowners

  • Police are warning owners to be on their guard following a spate of thefts in Hertfordshire

    Two stables in north Hertfordshire have become the latest victims of thieves when tack and equipment was stolen on the evening of 16 September.

    North Herts equestrian centre had 17 saddles and bridles stolen from their tackroom between 10.15pm and 10.30pm.

    One saddle is uniquely marked on the left-hand saddle flap with the letters NHEC, thieves also took a police style saddle and bridle.

    Although owner Lorna Harris lives on site, her house is some distance from the tackroom.

    “The last livery client left the yard and locked up at 9pm,” said Lorna. “Then at 10.15pm someone tried the door on the groom’s accommodation.

    “She is obviously quite shaken, but we think that the tack must have been taken shortly after as there was another break in Royston at about 11.30.”

    A police spokesperson for Hertfordshire said: “There have been a number of tack thefts in east Hertfordshire and now two in the north of the region.”

    Crime Prevention Officer Ian Thompson offered horseowners the following advice:

    “Wherever possible don’t leave equipment in an isolated building. If it is unavoidable then consider taking extra security measures such as fitting an alarm.”

    Mark tack with your postcode or house number and fit saddles with an electronic tagging device.

    Anyone with any information on the tack stolen from North Herts equestrian centre should contact Lorna Harris: (tel 01462 892626) or contact Crimestoppers (tel: 0800 555111)

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