Thieves steal horse walker in dead of night

  • Police are investigating after a horse walker was stolen from a property in Northern Ireland.

    The 4-berth horse walker (not pictured) was dismantled and removed sometime overnight between 28-29 November near Downpatrick, County Down.

    John Porter, who manufactures the walker, believes that it would have taken the thieves at least 2 hours to take it apart.

    “You would have also needed 3 or 4 men,” Mr Porter told H&H.

    “The cage is too heavy for 2 men to lift into a lorry.

    “It would have taken a lot of time and planning.”

    Police would like to speak to anyone that noticed suspicious vehicles in the area or that has seen a similar item for sale in unusual circumstances.

    Please phone: 0845 600 8000.

    What’s the most unusual item you’ve ever had stolen? Let us know below…

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