Team chase season to start with Belvoir

  • The team chasing season kicks off next weekend with the Belvoir. Held at Garthorpe Racecourse on 13 September, riders will tackle a mixture of timber and hedges over old Leicestershire turf.

    The Wheatland was set to start the autumn season with its inaugural event on 6 September, but was forced to cancel through lack of entries.

    The event starts at 9:30am with three hunter trials — a pairs, novice and open — followed by the novice and intermediate team chases, the later over a course of 29 fences up to 3ft9.

    The big name teams, including former national champions, are expected to battle it out in the intermediate as a warm-up for the first Humberts national open qualifier, the Meynell and South Staffs, on 20 September.

    Organisers are also holding a “horsey car boot sale” to entice further spectators to the event.

    Potential competitors can check out the course with the Belvoir’s interactive course walk

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