Stray horse hit by car leads to £1.25 million compensation for driver

  • A pay out of £1.25 million is to go to a taxi driver left with devastating head injuries when his car struck a runaway horse.

    Khalid Mahmood, 27, suffered “catastrophic” brain injuries in the September 2004 tragedy, which took place as he was driving on the B4100 towards Banbury, Oxfordshire.

    Mr Mahmood lost control of his car when the horse, Tansy, careered into the road, colliding with his vehicle.

    He has since undergone a pronounced personality change due to his injuries, his counsel, Nigel Cooksley QC, told the High Court on Friday.

    Mr Mahmood has sued Daniel and Judith Kleinman, of Caversfield, Bicester, who kept Tansy on their land, and the horse’s owner, Patricia Simonon.

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