Son of Ferro sold to US at KWPN Select Sale

  • Twenty-one three-year-old stallions were auctioned at the recent KWPN Select Sale, seven of which were chosen by the stallion approval committee for the performance test in Ermelo.

    The average price of horses sold was more than 80000 Dutch guilders and only one stallion remained unsold. MP>Top lot at the auction was Rambo, the Ferro x Roemer x Homerus, owned by Mr Lamers and Mr Van der Goor, which had been elected to participate in the approval of champions earlier the same day.

    Rambo wassold for 300.000 guilders to Hilltop Farm in America.

    The most expensive show jumper sold was Rajan J, owned by Gert Jan van Olst; this Animo x Burggraaf x Purioso exchanged hands for 220.000 Dutch Guilders. Rajan J is also designated for the performance examination and, therefore, has a chance to be approved as a stud.

    The designated stallions Regilio (Heartbreaker x Burggraaf) and Rapperd (Flemmingh x Roemer) each went for 130.000 guilders; Rendez Vous (Montecristo x Marinier) was sold for 110.000 guilders to the ownerof Montecristo himself, Stoeterij Broere.

    There was also a lot of interest for the remaining stallions. Eleven stallions were sold to Dutch buyers, while the rest went to foreign bidders.

    The Swiss dealer Gerhard Etter bought the Animo x Lancer II and the Monaco x Aram.

    The Burggraaf x Nimmerdor and the Lux x Rex Magna xx are headed for Ireland; the Kennedy x Glendale to England; the designated Flemmingh x Roemer to the US and the designated Heartbreaker x Burggraaf to Belgium.

    To open the auction proceedings in front of a capacity crowd who enjoyed a display by the top stallions, Olympic Ferro, Animo, Jazz, Burggraaf, Heartbreaker, Kennedy and Montecristo

    Sale returns

    Number Horse price paid (guilders) Buyer1 Rodile 40.000,00 A.C.M. Linninghoff2 Romario 42.000,00 L. Paardekooper3 Ridderkerk 50.000,00 B. Leaver (GBR)4 Rocky 40.000,00 G. Etter (SUI) 5 Rossino 85.000,00 H. Leyser6 R. Anubertha 57 55.000,00 H. van Manen en M. Hausman (USA)7 Rocky 32.000,00 L.G.H. Blommers8 Romario M 26.000,00 Stoeterij Gaesbeek B.V.9 Radolin 75.000,00 G. Etter (SUI)10 Rockefeller 90.000,00 S. Parot en G. Pfifferling (CHI)11 Rex 44.000,00 B. van den Heuvel12 Romme 40.000,00 J. Burcher (IRE)14 Ramzes 75.000,00 Damiro B.V.15 Rendez-Vous 110.000,00 Stoeterij Broere B.V.16 Rapperd 130.000,00 L. Morse (USA)17 Regilio 130.000,00 J. Ceulemans (BEL)18 Rafael 30.000,00 J. Burcher (IRE)19 Rambo 300.000,00 Hilltop Farm Inc. (USA)20 Randell STV 40.000,00 G.C.J. van Kooten21 Rainbow 32.000,00 A.J. Scharroo22 Rajan J 220.000,00 A.C.M. Winninghoff

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