Redwings vet featured in Channel 4’s Animal Madhouse

  • A vet from Redwings Horse Sanctuary will be featured in Channel 4 television programme, Animal Madhouse, next week.

    Nicky Jarvis, a senior vet at the sanctuary, and her team will be shown operating on Ned, a cob stallion who was resuced from Spindles Farm in January 2008.

    Ned had an undescended testicle and could not be gelded in the customary way.

    He came to Redwings from the RSPCA to have the specialist operation and then be re-homed through the Redwings Guardianship Scheme.

    “Not everyone realises that we have a fully operational horse hospital and our own team of vets here at Redwings, so it was a chance to show the viewers the facilities at our specialist horse hospital and the extensive capabilities of our veterinary staff,” said Redwings’s Nicola Markwell.

    The programme explores extraordinary ailments and conditions in pets, livestock and zoo creatures. The programme featuring Redwings will air at 8pm on Wednesday 10 November.

    “The show is all about the crazy things animals get up to and some of the more extreme aspects of the animal kingdom. The film crew was always very respectful and Ned’s welfare was at the forefront of their minds throughout filming,” added Nicola.

    “After everything he has been through they were all hoping lovely Ned would be able to lose his stallion-like ways and find a loving home at last!”

    For more information visit: www.redwings.co.uk or www.channel4.com/programmes/animal-madhouse

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