Pony Club homes sought for rescued Bodmin Moor ponies

  • The Pony Club has teamed up with Blue Cross to help rehome ponies rescued from Bodmin Moor.

    Last autumn, the Blue Cross and other equine charities supported Redwings Horse Sanctuary, the Bodmin Moor Commons Council and the Animal Health and Plant Agency, to round up, health-check, microchip and provide passports for some of the Cornish moor’s semi-feral ponies.

    Many of the ponies were struggling to survive on overcrowded and overgrazed moorland.

    Ponies that were unclaimed by any owners were removed using the Control of Horses Act 2015 and taken in by Blue Cross, Redwings and other charities for rehabilitation and many are now ready for rehoming.


    Two of the moor ponies looking for new homes are Fowey and Jamaica, both 11.3hh two-year-old geldings.

    “When they arrived at Blue Cross they were very wary of people but with patient and consistent handling they are now being won round,” said a Blue Cross spokesman. “Both ponies need homes with someone experienced with young and nervous ponies, where they are likely to blossom into little superstars.”

    To find out more about how you can give Fowey, Jamaica or another Bodmin Moor pony a home please visit www.bluecross.org.uk.

    Pony Club members are often suited to taking on rescued ponies that need knowledgeable homes, according to so the organisation is supporting the Blue Cross appeal to find the moor ponies new homes via social media.

    “Over the years Blue Cross has had some great rehoming successes through the Pony Club because their members tend to have the handling and riding experience some of our rescued ponies need,” said Tess Scott-Adams, rehoming centre manager at Blue Cross Rolleston.

    “Many Blue Cross ponies have gone on to become highly sought-after competition ponies thanks to their Pony Club homes and we are hoping that some of our lovely Bodmin ponies will follow in their footsteps.”

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    Pony Club chairman Mary Tuckett added: “The Pony Club is delighted to be backing Blue Cross in their appeal to find homes for the ponies rescued from Bodmin Moor.

    “Blue Cross has been a long term and much-valued supporter of the Pony Club, and currently sponsors the popular horse and pony care competition at the Pony Club championships and our equine welfare badge.

    “The work of the Blue Cross is truly remarkable, and we have seen numerous horses and ponies rehomed with Pony Club families throughout the years; a number of which have gone on to compete at championship level. We hope we have helped improve the lives of these horses and ponies, and others in the future by advertising them on the classified section of our website.”

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