Speed limit plan for Bodmin moor to cut pony deaths

  • A speed limit should be introduced on parts of Bodmin Moor after the death of several animals, a Cornish county councillor has said.

    Cllr John Turner, from St Ive, said deaths of ponies, sheep, cattle and horses in the Minions and St Cleer areas had to be addressed.

    Three ponies have been hit by vehicles in recent weeks; two had to be put down and the third was killed outright.

    Mr Turner said the setting of speed limits over parts of the moor was “absolutely vital”.

    “There have been so many incidents recently where animals have been injured or killed that something has to be done to prevent the excessive speeding.”

    The secretary of the Bodmin Moor Commoners Association, Julie Dowton, said the speed of traffic through areas of Bodmin Moor was “unacceptable”.

    “People are travelling though that area, crossing a common with animals standing at the side of the road at 60mph, and it can’t continue.”

    Mr Turner said the highways department of Cornwall Council was “working to find a solution to reduce the casualty rate”.

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