Pfizer Animal health rebrands a number of equine vaccines

  • Pfizer Animal Health’s Duvaxyn and Artervac equine vaccines have been rebranded as part of the pharmaceutical company’s range of Equip equine vaccines.

    Equine herpes virus (vaccine Duvaxyn EHV 1,4 has been rebranded Equip EHV 1,4; equine rotavirus vaccine Duvaxyn R has been rebranded Equip Rotavirus, the West Nile Virus vaccine Duvaxyn WNV has been rebranded Equip WNV and equine arteritis vaccine Artervac has been rebranded Equip Artervac.

    These products join Pfizer’s flu and tetanus vaccines Equip F, Equip FT and Equip T.

    Ben Lacey, Pfizer’s equine business unit manager said: “This move demonstrates our commitment to the equine industry as we strive to become the equine veterinarian’s company of choice for products and services.”

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