‘People want change’: pub cancels fireworks display in support of animal welfare

  • A pub has cancelled its annual firework display and plans to work with livery yards to hold an animal-friendly event next year.

    The management team at the Ship Eighton Banks in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, announced on Wednesday (16 October) that the display would not be going ahead.

    Event manager Jacob Carr told H&H: “Over the years the pub has always held a Bonfire Night display but we became aware of how many livery yards are nearby as well as a dog shelter and we made the decision to protect animals in the area.

    “We’ve had a look online and there are silent fireworks available. They come with more of a cost than normal fireworks which we couldn’t fund immediately so we’ve decided to look at that for next year.”

    Jacob said the pub plans to make an animal-friendly display the focus in future.

    “We have people from the livery yards, farms and the dog shelter come into the bar and we want their input on what they deem suitable for the protection of animal welfare. I hope we can help get the message out there and it will be a helpful tool in educating people,” he said.

    “Our post has been shared a lot online – it’s been brilliant. It shows people want change. Some people can be a bit naïve about fireworks as it’s easy to forget the impact they can have, especially on horses and dogs. It’s not that people don’t care, but there’s a lack of education. Through no fault of their own they might not understand the impact fireworks have on animals.”

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    Jacob said the pub will hold an event on 5 November without fireworks.

    “In essence we could be missing out as a business by not having the display, it’s a spectacle and people like to take their children, but that’s why we’re going to do a bonfire quiz and some outdoor grilled food and show we are offering something else instead of fireworks,” he said.

    “We are going to give everyone a sparkler and take a picture in the dark for social media and show the support we’ve gained from the decision.”

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