Horse left in agony for four days found ‘barely alive’

A Lancashire farmer has been fined after a horse was found “barely alive” on his property.

53-year-old Paul Alton of Bacup pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering at Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale Magistrates’ Court on 2 September.

The court heard that Alton failed to seek veterinary treatment for the bay gelding, who had collapsed and was in “desperate need”.

The horse was suffering from colic, had a huge worm and lice burden and was underweight.

“This poor horse was in a terrible state when we found him at the farm where Mr Alton lives, back in January,” said RSPCA inspector Charlotte Booker.

“He was collapsed on the ground with a rug thrown over him, barely alive.”

After many attempts by Ms Booker and a vet to get the gelding on his feet, the vet decided the kindest thing to do was put him down.

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“Mr Alton claimed he couldn’t get hold of the owner of the horse yet took no action to get a vet,” added inspector Booker.

“It was obvious on day one the horse needed help, how anybody could leave him for four days [after his health deteriorated] is beyond me.”

The court ordered Alton to pay £260.