Pat Eddery talks to HHO

  • After swapping his saddle for a week in the editor’s chair at Horse & Hound, the 11-times champion flat jockey Pat Eddery talks to HHO about his experience of guest editing this week’s stallion number.

    Usually on the other side of the media, how did you feel about taking up this task?

    I was really looking forward to being on the creative side of things, and spending some time in the office.

    What were your expectations and how did your time as guest editor match up?

    It was very exciting. I spent a lot of time talking to Lucy [Higginson] about what we were going to put in the issue, and then going off to see all the trainers and the stallions. And then I spent a day in the H&H office.

    Having ridden upwards of 6,000 winners, this whole venture must have seemed fairly tame to you. Were there any aspects that you found particularly challenging?

    Not really. Actually, I didn’t really find it very difficult at all because Lucy made it so easy that I had a pretty smooth ride. I thought it was very professionally run.

    What aspects did you enjoy most?

    Going to see the stallions and the trainer, though it was great seeing the offices. It’s a really huge office in central London. I enjoyed my visit.

    How did you find working in an office? Did you enjoy the urban lifestyle?

    Well now that I am so busy with the syndicate, I spend quite a lot of time in the office here, but it was different being in London, being surrounded by so many people. It was fun seeing it all and being involvedt.

    What did you think of working in an office surrounded by girls?

    Yes, I enjoyed that.

    Have you ever done anything similar in the past?

    Not really, no. I mean, I’ve had plenty of contact with the media of course, but never anything like this.

    Has it given you a taste for journalism and do you intend to do anything similar in future?
    I can’t honestly say that it has given me a taste for journalism, no. I did quite like it, and I would love to do it again if I were asked, but apart from anything else, I am just so tied up with everything down here, which means that I haven’t really got time to think about anything else.

    Now that you have retired from race riding, what are your plans?

    I’m very busy with the yearlings at the moment. We’ve got ten two year olds, and most of them are in training now, with Richard Hannon, John Dunlop and David Loder among others. We’ve still got a few more to go though. It’s a pretty exciting time, and I’m really enjoying it all.

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