First batch of Paris 2024 equestrian tickets sell out amid emotional rollercoaster for fans

  • The first wave of equestrian tickets for the Paris 2024 Olympics have sold out as fans report mixed experiences with the “complicated” ticketing system.

    H&H received hundreds of replies to a callout for people’s experiences of trying to get hold of tickets for the Games. And those experiences were hugely varied.

    The Paris 2024 ticket process works on a complicated ballot system. Fans had until 31 January this year to register for the phase one ballot. Those successful in the draw were emailed a 48-hour timeslot between 13 February and 15 March when they could buy tickets.

    But this first phase of ticket release is for packs of tickets only – fans must select three sessions in order to buy any tickets. That means that if there were only one or two equestrian sessions available to buy when a person’s timeslot came around, they would need to buy tickets for another sport as well.

    Equestrian ticket prices ranged from €24 (£21.25) for the cheapest seats to €180 (£159.34) for the highest priced, not including hospitality packages. Cross-country day tickets were €50 (£44.26).

    The process has come under fire from some, who have been left “sad” and “disappointed” to miss out, with comments that the system is “unfair”.

    Others have been frustrated by its complexity and the fact you have to buy three sessions, adding that this would likely mean that some people will have bought equestrian tickets just to fill their quota, as they have had to do for other sports.

    Some have run into problems with the payment system, logging in on mobile devices, or found that sessions have vanished by the time they selected their first option. Others found that tickets were not available when they first looked, only for them to become available later on.

    But others have been “thrilled” to be luckier, in securing tickets, and are already planning their trip to next year’s Games.

    A Paris 2024 spokesman confirmed to H&H today (3 March) that there are no equestrian tickets left in this phase one release.

    The next release is for single sessions rather than packages of tickets, which means people will be able to buy tickets for a single event, instead of three.

    “Phase two for tickets will open on 15 March where members of the public will have until 20 April to register for the random draw,” said the spokesman.

    “Those lucky enough to be drawn for phase two will be awarded 48-hour timeslots that will start from 11 May.

    “During this period, tickets for the equestrian, as well as for all other Olympic sports and the opening and closing ceremonies, will be available for purchase. Up to 30 tickets will be available for purchase per timeslot.”

    The equestrian tickets that were released in phase one were for non medal-winning sessions. So for example, tickets for eventing dressage and cross-country, and the team and individual qualifier sessions for dressage and showjumping.

    This spells some hope for those still trying to get their hands on tickets. An official resale platform will also be available at some stage.

    “We’re pleased with the success of our ticketing process,” added the Paris 2024 spokesman. “This is a new concept in which tickets were offered to the general public around the world through a single, centralised platform.

    “Demand, both domestically and internationally, has been strong and there is clearly a real appetite from the public to participate in these Games.

    “Demand for the Olympic Games will obviously outstrip supply. There are bound to be some disappointed people. However, there are still opportunities to buy tickets.

    “The next ticketing phase will begin soon, and we encourage everyone to ensure they register for the random draw between 15 March to 20 April 2023. The actual sale will start on 11 May, with tickets for all sports available from just €24.”

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