Para-equestrian drivers take on BBC2’s Eggheads

  • FIVE para-equestrian drivers have taken on the Eggheads in BBC2’s quiz show.

    Team captain Terry Kirby enquired about putting a team together after appearing on In It To Win It, a show hosted by Dale Winton.

    “I asked one of the production team about it and got all the forms for Eggheads,” said Terry, who drives internationally for Britain.

    Terry’s team-mates were James Marshall, Heather Clarke, Margaret Lupton, Lynsey Tyas, and reserve Rowena Coldwell.

    “It was great fun and a good way of getting publicity for the sport,” said Terry.

    The drivers signed a confidentiality contract before filming, so viewers will have to find out the result in June when the show is aired.

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