Nic Fiddian-Green equine sculpture installed at Goodwood

  • A 30ft high sculpture of a horse’s head has been installed on the Goodwood Estate in time for this year’s Glorious Goodwood race meeting.

    “Artemis”, a bronze horse head by sculptor Nic FIddian-Green, was positioned on the South Downs last week (Tuesday, 29 June).

    The sculpture, which weighs four tonnes was driven up a steep track before being reversed into place by a 60ft flatbed truck.

    It will be moved to the members’ lawn at Goodwood racecourse to celebrate the start of Glorious Goodwood (27-31 July), and then to the front of the estate house for the inaugural Vintage at Goodwood Festival in August.

    Nic Fiddian-Green, who also produced two equine pieces for Royal Ascot last month, started work on the sculpture last autumn.

    “My primary aim is to place beautiful works of art into the landscape and I can think of nowhere more powerful for my Greek horse’s head ‘Artemis’ than on the ancient site of the trundle at Goodwood, overlooking the steeple of Chichester Cathedral to the sea and across to the Isle of Wight,” he said.

    “Back in the 1980s during a visit to the Elgin Marbles at London’s British Museum whilst an art student, I first saw the horse of Selene which sparked a lifelong passion for the horse’s head. In my work I try to emulate the skill, vitality, balance and beauty of the classical art that inspired me all those years ago.”

    For more information visit: www.goodwood.co.uk

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