New T-Sport Wrap bandages now available in UK

A new wrap bandage is now available in the UK, exclusively from Performance Rider.

The “state-of-the-art” T-Sport Wraps from EquiFit “provide riders with peace of mind that their horses’ legs are supported without the risk of sore points or excess sweating”.

“T-Sport Wraps transfer heat away from your horse’s legs during exercise ensuring they stay cool and dry,” said a spokesman for the company.

“The fabric allows air to circulate, which results in clean and sweat-free legs, minimising the potential damage caused by overheating tendons.”

According to the company, the wraps absorb 97% of shock and vibration under impact and stretch and fit he leg.

T-Sport Wraps cost £55.99.

For more information visit: www.performancerider.co.uk

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