New eco-friendly turnout rug made from 110 plastic bottles

  • A new rug claimed to be the most sustainable in the world is made from the equivalent of 110 recycled plastic bottles.

    The Derby House Evolution, which came on to the market last year as the first rug free of chemical PFC, has now been “taken to new heights” with its recycled content.

    “In the world of equestrian, this is a unique offering and one that might just act as the gear change the industry needs,” a Derby House spokesman said.

    “Using recycled plastics is exactly the kind of lever we need to be pulling when attempting to make recycling a viable solution. Recycling is broken. It’s a myth. Very little plastic is effectively recycled into something worthwhile, and even then, many items are only recycled once at best. It’s all heading to landfill, incineration, or back into our environment.

    “What this shows is that trying to unbreak the recycling system by putting all the pressure on the individual is a flawed pursuit, especially when there’s no market for recycled materials.

    “Producers and manufacturers need to create demand for recycled materials through products like the Derby House horse rug. Demand will improve recycling as a whole, and create more meaningful products as a result. Based on current rates, we could see more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. Alarming statistics like this, we think you’ll agree, underline the importance of doing something now.”

    The spokesman told H&H that PFCs, per- or poly-fluorinated chemicals, are used to make fabrics waterproof, but these are harmful to the environment. The Evolution uses a different waterproofing agent, and Derby House hopes to expand its use of PFC-free fabrics in its rugs.

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    “Not only is it better for the environment, the PFC-free Derby House rug repels dirt better and dries quicker than PFC coated rugs,” the spokesman said

    “It’s a clear example of how stuck in a rut we’ve been with industry standards, with sustainable options often being better in more ways than one.”

    The spokesman added that the way the rug is delivered has not been ignored; Derby House packaging is 99.81% plastic-free.

    “There’s always a better way,” she said. “We simply need to press pause from time to time, consider things as they are, and make better decisions.”

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