New Dressage Anywhere series for ex-racehorses

  • A new series for ex-racehorses has been launched by Dressage Anywhere.

    As with the regular series, riders video their tests and upload them to the Dressage Anywhere website, or YouTube, where they are marked by FEI and British Dressage judges.

    The website has worked with the wife of Epsom trainer Jim Boyle, Pippa, to create the new Jim Boyles Ex Racehorses series.

    “We are keen to develop this, as we feel it is ideal for people with no transport or those who don’t feel confident to take their horse out,” said Pippa Boyle.

    “I very much hope this series will give these riders the chance to take part in something, get sensible feedback and a feeling of achievement.”

    Horses must be Weatherbys registered and can be raced or unraced.

    For more information visit http://www.dressageanywhere.com/News/Article/110

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