New detergents may kill strangles

  • A new range of products that kills the highly contagious equine disease strangles, yet is gentle enough to shampoo your horse, has been welcomed by the equestrian industry.

    The potent ingredient of Clean Round — DuoMax E10 — has been scientifically proven at a National Health Service bacteriology lab in Birmingham to kill viruses including the strangles virus — streptococcus equi bacteria — and ringworm.

    It also professes to help alleviate sweet itch.

    Clean Round’s Robert Walker claims this is the first range of non-toxic products that prevents strangles.

    “It’s preventative care, not a cure,” he explained.

    While no formal trials have been carried out on horses, Bristol charity HorseWorld and sport horse breeder Pennie Cornish have been testing the product — available as a rug wash, shampoo and disinfectant.

    In January, an outbreak of strangles affected 34 horses at HorseWorld.

    The charity usually has one or two cases a year, and has been using Clean Round since February.

    Horseworld’s Mark Owen said: “It is high risk taking in unknown horses. The proof will come after the winter, but it seems to be working so far.”

    HorseWorld welfare manager Jerry Watkins added: “It is a non-scientific trial, but we’ve had no problems in nine months of using the products.”

    Clean Round went on sale in August and Pennie Cornish has been using the shampoo for several months.

    “I can’t say it definitely kills everything, but we’ve had no nasties since using it,” she said.

    Vets are also positive.

    FEI vet John Killingbeck, whose wife Lucy uses Clean Round on her show horses, said: “The science behind it is convincing.”

    The shampoo costs £12.99 a litre and the rug wash and yard detergents £35.99 for five litres. To buy, visit www.cleanround.co.uk.

    This article was first published in the current issue of Horse & Hound, 18 November ’10

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