Net-Tex launches new mini range of products

  • A new compact mini range has been launched by Net-Tex.

    The new range comprises of 14 products from the best selling line, but each one is mini and under £5.

    The products are marketed as being “small in size, small in price yet big on quality and value”. The range went on sale at the beginning of this month.

    “We are really excited about this range as it is such a niche idea especially during a tough economic climate. It is the only complete mini range available that covers the entire market from leisure to professional riders at an affordable price,” said Net Tex’s Serena Kidd.

    The Net-Tex “minis” include”
    Lynn Russell: Mane & Tail, Quick Shine, Quick Plait, Quick Brite and Quick Stain (all 200ml)

    Fly Repellents:Fly spray, fly repellent shampoo (both 250ml) and fly wipes – 25 pack

    Tack Cleaners: Tack cleaner and tack conditioner (both 200ml)

    Summer Coat Care: Citronella coat spray and citronella wash, revive wash and lavender wash (all 250ml)

    The products cost from £2.99 – £4.99

    For more information visit: www.net-tex.co.uk.

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