Microdave has to share the limelight with new miniature fillies

  • An American miniature who shot to fame two years ago now has two fillies to share the limelight with.

    The now two-year-old stallion Microdave caused a media storm when he was born two years ago due to his diminutive size of 12 inches and adorable appearance.

    Owner Jen Baldwin Murphy shared the news that two fillies had been born at her Kent livery yard, both sharing Microdave’s sire Little Dave.

    Microboo, whose dam is Rockstar, was born on 30 May, and Microdot, whose dam is Blackbird, arrived on 8 June.

    The youngsters are expected to make 32 inches and 31 inches respectively and Jen plans to show them.

    The pair have been enjoying playing together in the field.

    “They’re doing really well and they look identical — it’s really tricky to tell them apart,” Jen told H&H.

    “It’s been a very busy time. Microboo was a complete surprise, hence her name.

    “Her dam tested negative but three weeks before she was born, I thought, ‘you’re a bit of a funny shape’.

    “Microboo is doing brilliantly, she’s so affectionate. We’ve had photographers up here but they don’t get a chance as she’s so friendly.

    “Mircrodot is getting more confident, at first she was a little bit nervous. But she’s getting really friendly now and she’s so pretty.

    “Microdave has got very jealous, but he’s a stallion now so has other things on his mind. We haven’t bred from him yet but he thinks he knows what it’s all about.”

    Jen reflected on the attention Microdave attracted in 2015.

    “It was a crazy couple of months — he was even in the newspaper in Spain when we were on holiday and had stalkers who would ring us up and want to see him,” she said.

    “People recognise him at shows really far away. He’s a total brat — if he was a person, he would be a child star gone rogue.”

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