Micropony meets micropig

  • A tiny American miniature foal who has become an internet sensation has partnered up with an equally small companion.

    microdaveandmircropig3Minuscule colt Microdave picked up countless fans when his birth was reported on horseandhound.co.uk last month (23 June). He stood at just 10-inches-tall when he was three days old.

    However, Microdave was feeling lonely since he was so much smaller than his fieldmates in Haysden, Kent.

    His owner Jen Baldwin Murphy decided that the now 18-inch foal needed a friend of his own size.

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    Microdave now shares his stable with a dwarf micropig named Bean from a neighbouring farm.

    “Microdave was in desperate need of a friend,” said Mrs Baldwin Murphy.

    “Up until meeting Bean, he was quite confused about the world and his place in it — so it’s great to see Bean seems to have made him happy”.

    Microdave and personMircodave has been causing plenty of mischief and enjoys galloping between fields — no area is off limit for the tiny foal since he can fit under fences

    The overo colt with blue eyes is by Little Dave, a British Show Pony Association graded American miniature stallion.

    “He’s doing very well and is getting naughtier and naughtier,” Mrs Baldwin Murphy told H&H.

    “He’s been so popular — it’s been absolutely non-stop with visitors. I have to check people’s pockets as they leave to check they haven’t stolen him.”

    Mrs Baldwin Murphy also owns Microdave’s dam, Looking Glass Rustys Red Ribbon (Barbie), who is also an American miniature.

    Microdave and micropig2“I’ve only kept miniatures for two years — they’re my relaxation from the big guys,” said the showing and dressage rider who runs Haysden Liveries.

    “They [American miniatures] are getting more and more popular. People import them from the US and they are getting quite a following. Some people just have them as pets.”

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