Miniature Shetlands end up in ‘lost and found’

  • A miniature Shetland named Pudding has been revealed as one of the most unusual items left behind by Travelodge guests last year.

    Pudding’s owners had been staying at the Ayr branch of the hotel chain last summer.

    They asked staff to look after the pony while they ran some errands around the town, but they ended up being much longer than they expected.

    “The team looked after the pony and fed and watered him,” a Travelodge spokesman told H&H.

    “They pony was absolutely fine and was a massive hit with guests and staff.”

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    Pudding is not the only extraordinary thing to have been left at Travelodges in 2015.

    A Chewbacca costume, diamond tiara and a politician’s speech are among the other finds that have made their way to lost and found.

    Pudding is also not the only Shetland to have hit the headlines this week for making into “lost property”.

    In Trowbridge, Wilts, a miniature Shetland, known as Harvey (pictured, top), escaped and made his way to the town’s fire station.

    Bradford on Avon’s community policing team described it as “Hot Fuzz moment number one of 2016”.

    A concerned member of the public called police to report a Shetland pony “galloping” towards the fire station.

    PCSO Andrew Maclachlan found the equine escapee grazing on the grass verge between the fire and ambulance stations.

    “Concerned that he might return to the road, the pony was shepherded into the fire [station] car park. A superb multi agency approach between fire and police using carrots, apples and polo mints (other brands are available) resulted in successful capture of said pony,” said a post on the neighbourhood team’s Facebook page on Monday (4 January).

    Meanwhile, firefighters from Trowbridge Fire Station took to Twitter to try and find the pony’s owner.

    “I have seen some weird things in my time but coming face to face with a pony on the way to work just about takes the biscuit,” they tweeted.

    Shortly after, Harvey’s owner was found and the pair were reunited.

    “Apparently he has recently learned to open the gate to his paddock,” said a fire service spokesman.

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