Man and mule in charity trek

  • David Snelling and his mule, Henry, are seeking companions for a charity walk next year to raise money for cancer research

    Stroke victim David Snelling, who is planning a charity walk through France and Spain for cancer research with his mule in April 2002, is looking for more people to accompany him along the route.

    The 2,000km pilgrim walk will be from Le Puy-en-Velay in central France to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain.

    He already has 12 companions booked, but is looking for another eight. The charity walkers would spend five days walking 12 miles each day with one day’s rest.

    David has been planning his trip for the past five years, spending time training on Dartmoor. He has also been using Henry to help fundraise, giving rides to children and operating a grocery service for the disabled and elderly.

    “I really want to get a feeling of what it was like to be a pilgrim in the 10th and 11th Century and the hardship they had to undergo, ” said David.

    But he says his main concern is for Henry. “He may be looked on as valuable in some parts and, if I have to spend the night in a tent, I will be worried about security, although he has been microchipped. “

    David says his 11-year-old mule is well suited to the trip.

    “He is very placid and only stubborn when he considers himself or me to be under threat – he’s prevented me from going into bogs on Dartmoor – and has got a lot of good sense.”

    For more information visit www.pilgrims.com/henry

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