Make towing a horse trailer safer with new DVD

  • Are you fit to tow? The Highways Agency in conjunction with the British Horse Society (BHS) and the Caravan Club, has released a DVD, Fit to Tow, highlighting the risks involved with towing a trailer or caravan and the importance of towing safely.

    During 2006, incidents involving vehicles towing caravans or trailers accounted for 43 fatalities and 1,400 injuries on the roads.

    DVD presenter Carol Smilie voiced her concern: “I was amazed when I discovered how many towing related incidents occurred on England’s roads and how many fatalities and injuries occurred from them.”

    The DVD features practical demonstrations on how to correctly attach trailers and what to check for to ensure it is safe to tow.

    The British Horse Society has supported the production of the DVD.

    Sheila Hardy senior executive of safety for the BHS said: “The BHS is delighted that the Highways Agency has taken this opportunity to highlight the need for all drivers to be ‘fit to tow’.

    “Above all, they have emphasised the need for drivers to appreciate that in order to tow most trailers, they need to take further training and another test.”

    To purchase a copy of the DVD contact the Highways Agency. Tel: 08457 504030.

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