Learn about laminitis via online seminar

  • An hour-long programme focusing on the very latest research into laminitis and other equine hormonal diseases will be broadcast online tomorrow.

    It is the 2nd instalment of a 2-part series called “The Laminitis Revolution” — the 1st was aired earlier this year — and it will be shown online Wednesday 9 October at 8pm.

    The programme will feature presentations from some of the country’s leading experts in this field, including Dr Jo Ireland, a veterinary epidemiologist at The Animal Health Trust, David Rendle, European specialist in equine internal medicine at Liphook Equine Hospital and Dr Teresa Hollands, an equine nutritionist.

    It aims to educate owners about the hormonal diseases that cause up to 9 out of 10 laminitis cases and describes new data to dispel the myth that Cushing’s disease only affects veteran horses and ponies when in fact it can be responsible for the development of laminitis in adult horses of all ages.

    The public is invited to send in questions for Jo, David and Teresa, who will answer them after the programme in a live Q&A session.

    To find out more information visit: www.talkaboutlaminitis.co.uk or click here to register for tomorrow’s online seminar

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