Badminton-bound British eventer shares her hopes for new yard

  • Multiple youth European eventing medallist Laura Collett has moved from her Lambourn yard to a new base near Salperton in Gloucestershire.

    Laura, 28, had been based at Windy Hollow Stables, owned by Charles and Meregan Norwood, since November 2013.

    “Meregan mentioned about a year ago that she and Charles were thinking about putting the yard on the market,” explained Laura.

    “Karen Bartlett, who owned one of my former top horses, Rayef, does the accounts for Jason Houghton, who owns the Salperton estate where the horse trials used to be run. She mentioned around that time that one of the yards on the estate was due to come up for rent.”

    Penhill Farm was acquired by Jason six years ago and since then, a couple who sold horses occupied it.

    “When the previous tenancy came to an end, I went to have a look the yard and we have spent time giving it a facelift,” said Laura, who hopes to aim her top horse Mr Bass at Badminton this year.

    “We’ve resurfaced the arena, gutted one of the barns and put new stables in and generally given it a good spruce-up.”

    The yard boasts 21 stables and a range of facilities, plus ample grazing. Laura’s team of horses moved in on 19 February.

    “It was a real team effort to get everything moved from one yard to another,” explained Laura. “My head girl Zanie King organised everything and after taking things over in dribs and drabs, we really get to work on completing the move over the three days before the horses arrived.

    “I’m incredibly lucky to have had the help of friends, family, owners and staff to get the job done.”

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    Laura says she plans on staying at Penhill Farm for the foreseeable future.

    “Unless I win the lottery so I can buy my own place!” she said.

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