Kentucky Three-Day Event 2021 cross-country times: find out when the top riders start

  • The Kentucky Three-Day Event 2021 cross-country times have been released ahead of the second phase of the competition tomorrow (Saturday, 24 April).

    New Zealand rider Jonelle Price is the pathfinder for the five-star and will start at 8.30am (1.30pm British time) on Grappa Nera, the first of her three rides. Jonelle will also be on course at 10.18pm (3.18pm British time) on 2018 Badminton Horse Trials winner Classic Moet and 12.18pm (5.18pm British time) on Grovine De Reve.

    The dressage leader, RF Scandalous ridden by Marilyn Little, will head out on course at 9.58pm (2.58pm British time).

    Fellow US rider Tamie Smith on Mai Baum holds second overnight and takes on the track at 11.58am am (4.58pm British time).

    Last year’s winners, Oliver Townend and Cooley Master Class, set off at 10.26pm (3.26pm British time) to defend their third position after dressage, while Oliver’s other ride Ballaghmor Class – currently fifth – will leave the start box at 12.26pm (5.26pm British time), according to the Kentucky Three-Day Event 2021 cross-country times list.

    Boyd Martin has three horses in the top 12, with Long Island T (equal 11th) at 8.38pm (1.38pm British time), On Cue (seventh) at 10.30am (3.30pm British time) and Tsetserleg TSF (fourth) at 12.30pm (5.30pm British time).

    The last horse on course in the five-star starts at 12.38pm (5.38pm British time) and it will be Buck Davidson’s third ride, Carlevo, who sits sixth after the first phase.

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    The Kentucky cross-country course 2021 has been set by Derek di Grazia. The track is 6270m long, with an optimum time of 11 minutes, and there are 28 numbered obstacles.

    Kentucky is running behind closed doors this year, so there will be far fewer people on course than in normal years with only horses’ close connections at the horse park. But fans around the world will be watching the action online.

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