Injured horse recovering well after “fetlock-cuffing” himself to fence

  • A horse that seriously injured his leg while rolling out in a field in Gloucestershire is recovering well after being rescued by firefighters.

    Eight-year-old Moose, who hunts with the North Cotswold, was hurt when he became stuck to a fence in his field.

    “Moose was found literally handcuffed, or more correctly ‘fetlock-cuffed’ to the top rail of a metal fenceline in a corner of his field, after rolling in the only patch of mud he could find,” said his groom Alex Townsend.

    Michelle Lawrence of Peasebrook Equine Clinic arrived and sedated him so Winchcombe Fire Brigade could rescue him.

    The horse had to be fully anaesthetised while he was freed by large hydraulic cutters.

    Moose was taken to the Peasebrook Surgery and was treated for several deep injuries to the inside and outside of his near hind leg above the hock, as well as other abrasions to his leg caused during his struggles to free himself.

    Alex thinks he was stuck for two to three hourse.

    Fortunately for Moose he suffered no bone or joint damage and was walking soundly within 24 hours. Six days later he returned home and is recovering well.

    “He is on the mend, he’s still on box rest but walking out twice a day,” added Alex.

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