Faking It turns to polo

  • The Beaufort Polo Club is the setting for a new episode of the Channel 4 programme, Faking It, which is to be broadcast this autumn.

    The Gloucestershire club is the venue for the programme that will test whether somebody who has never played polo before can fool the judges into thinking they are a professional after just a few weeks’ training.

    Faking It puts people in difficult situations which are completely alien from their normal environment. In the last series, the programme succeeded in turning a painter and decorator who hated abstract art into a successful conceptual artist.

    This will be the second time the program has had an equestrian theme. A previous series saw a professional nightclub dancer turned into a showjumper with help from top rider and trainer Tim Stockdale.

    This time the ‘faker’ will be put through an intensive course to teach him the skills of riding, hitting the ball and team play by club coach Casper West and England team coach Claire Tomlinson.

    His final test in a match took place on Saturday 2 August at the club, but viewers will have to wait for the programme to air to discover whether the ‘faker’ managed to convince the judges, as the result of each programme is shrouded in secrecy.

    For more information about the series visit: www.channel4.com

    TV programme looks for participants

    RDF Media, the independent television company which produced Faking It, are currently on the look out for families to take part in a new one-off programme. The documentary will provide the opportunity to spend 10 days in New York to discover how an American family juggles their time, social life and commitments. Would you like to challenge your ideas about what it would be to live in a city?

    Would you like to see how a New York family copes with everyday pressures? Or maybe you have a particular style of parenting or running the household that another family could benefit from? If you would consider taking part in a ten-day international exchange and would like to know more, RDF Media would like to hear from you.

    For more information, please contact Nicky Waltham on 020 7013 4485 or at nicky.waltham@rdfmedia.com.

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