Horse shot by police after being hit by car

  • A horse, which had been badly hurt after being hit by a car, was put down by a firearms officer in Cambridgeshire this morning (Monday 9 December).

    Police were called to the incident on the B1166, near Wisbech (not pictured) just after 6am. 2 horses were loose on the road and collided with 2 cars.

    “One of the horses was seriously injured and had to be put down there and then,” a spokesman from Cambridgeshire Police told H&H.

    “The other horse wasn’t seriously injured and had fled”.

    “We are carrying out enquiries as to how they got onto the road.”

    The spokesman added that firearms officers had consulted a vet before shooting the horse.

    The road had to be closed in both directions, but it was re-opened shortly after 9am.

    Neither of the drivers were hurt and the owner of the horses has been contacted.

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