Rider fitness discussion replay: Danny and Mike of Equicision

  • Danny Warrington and Mike Pilato are the founders of Equicision, a radical new exercise programme designed to minimise riding-related injuries.

    Danny is an experienced four-star event rider, while Mike is a certified athletics coach, who provides sports medical care for athletes up to Olympic level.

    Both believed that equestrian athletes, like other athletes, needed a structured fitness and injury management programme. But there wasn’t anything like that in existence, so they set about inventing one.

    Their programme is designed to enable riders to perform better, avoid picking up injuries and help minimise the impact of previously acquired damage.

    Danny and Mike were online for two hours talking about how their programme works and advising riders how certain exercises can help to combat common areas of physical weaknesses and help regular riding injuries.

    Live Blog Rider Fitness with Equicision

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