Horse promotes horror show

  • An unusual sight has been seen in London recently when a horse pulled a cart carrying ‘victims of the bubonic plague’ around the capital.

    Nancy the Welsh cob is the latest recruit to work for the London Dungeon and has been drafted in to promote their latest show, The Great Plague of 1665.

    More used to pulling a fruit and veg cart in showing classes across the country, Nancy, an 8-year-old Welsh section D mare, was more than happy to turn her hoof to spread the word of the London Dungeon’s latest attraction.

    Her owner Jamie Edwards said: “It was a great success, the public enjoyed it and so did we!

    “Nancy is used to London traffic as she used to drive a fruit and veg cart from her stables in Enfield to Spittlefields Market.

    “We stopped en route and people came over and said hello which was really nice, although, given what we were pulling, you thought they might have stayed away.”

    Nancy was driven around the streets of the capital by Jamie’s 19-year-old son Jonathan, helped by his younger brother Jimmy.

    The Dungeon’s new feature takes visitors back to a plague-ravaged London, where they can enjoy a variety of special effects – from a chamber pot being emptied out of awindow to animatronic rats and a six-foot glowing skull complete with a wriggling worm in the socket.

    For more information on the London Dungeon visit: www.thedungeons.com

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