H&H entries system aims to help shows run within latest guidelines 

  • H&H’s sister show entries and management system is open for business again – with measures to help organisers comply with coronavirus-related measures.

    Extensions have been made to Equo and to Showmanager, both powered by Dark Deer, to allow events to be run in compliance with government guidance.

    Only affiliated shows may run at first, and both British Showjumping (BS) and Showjumping Ireland have stated that all entries must be made online in advance, as of course was already the case with dressage and eventing.

    Equo has always allowed this but a new module can read competition details from the schedule that will have been submitted to BS.

    All entries can then be exported to Showmanager, saving organisers “a great deal of typing”.

    Once entries are complete, the software can generate a drawn order, complete with start time for the class and individual jumping times for each rider, as is the case for dressage shows.The system will automatically adjust times if anything occurs to disrupt the plan such as an accident or riders withdrawing.

    “The general principle to be observed is that the rider should arrive at the centre some short time before needing to warm up, warm up and jump and then leave the arena,” a spokesman for Equo said.

    “If they have another competition for which they are entered, they would need to stay in their car or lorry, otherwise they should leave the site.”

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    Organisers will be able to limit numbers in any class, so after the set maximum, Equo will automatically stop accepting entries.

    The last extension aims to allow organisers to respond if any rider declares he or she has been infected with coronavirus after the show. An algorithm allows a list to be compiled of all officials, as well as riders immediately before and after the infected person, who can then be informed.

    “We believe our products can make a positive contribution to the safe running of showjumping events,” the spokesman said.

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