Don’t miss a moment: who is riding when at the LeMieux Grand Prix Championships

  • The LeMieux Grand Prix Championships at Hartpury get underway at 12noon today (Monday 21 December) and you can watch all the action live for free via Horse & Country, so find out when your favourite partnerships will be in action below.

    Thirty of Britain’s best dressage combinations will coming forward to compete in front of top judges Stephen Clarke, Sandy Phillips, Clive Halsall, Peter Storr and Isobel Wessels. You can join in the judging via the Spectator Judging app, which allows to submit your scores while you watch along with the live stream.

    Grand prix dressage championship rider times

    12.05 – Dan Greenwood riding Juliet Leighton’s Chevalier-O
    12.14 – Paul Friday riding Christine Trendell’s Winston Bond
    12.23 – Keith Robertson riding his own Boheme Af Sulstead
    12.32 – Steph Croxford riding her own Mr Benn II
    12.41 – Dannie Morgan riding his own Southern Cross Braemar
    12.50 – Nathalie Kayal riding his own DHI Homerun
    13.08 – Megan Ingham riding Coral Ingham’s Wanadoo
    13.17 – Jessica Dunn riding Jennifer Whitakker’s LG Alicante Valley
    13.26 – Lucy Amy riding her own Rudy
    13.35 – Becky Moody riding her own and Julie Lockey ’s Carinsio
    13.44 – Alice Oppenheimer riding Sarah Oppenheimer’s Headmore Dirubinio
    13.53 – Lisa Marriott riding her own Valucio
    14.38 – Sadie Smith riding her own Keystone Dynamite
    14.47 – Amy Woodhead riding Emma Blundell’s Mount St John Kom Fairytale
    14.56 – Alexander Harrison riding his own Diamond Hill
    15.05 – Kate Cowell riding Audrey Lawrence and Christine Richards’ Samba Dancer
    15.14 – Alice Oppenheimer riding Sarah Oppenheimer’s Headmore Davina
    15.23 – Charlotte Dujardin riding her own Gio
    15.50 – Nicola Buchanan riding her own Half Moon Dark Magic
    15.59 – Lewis Carrier riding his own Diego V
    16.08 – Hayley Watson-Greaves riding her own WG Rubins Nite
    16.17 – Becky Moody riding her own Famke PF
    16.26 – Liz Diegutis riding her own Saskia Hit
    16.35 – Nikki Barker riding her own and Vivienne Gleave’s Durable
    16.53 – Carl Hester riding Charlotte Dujardin’s En Vogue
    17.02 – Sonnar Murray-Brown riding his own Erlentanz
    17.11 – Emile Faurie riding Theodora Livanos’ Dono Di Maggio
    17.20 – Charlotte Dujardin riding Emma Blundell’s Mount St John Freestyle
    17.29 – Laura Tomlinson riding her own and Ursula Bechtolsheimer’s Rose of Bavaria
    17.38 – Lara Butler riding Ursula Bechtolsheimer and Laura Tomlinson’s Rubin al Asad
    18.05 Prize giving

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    The top 15 partnerships in today’s grand prix willgo forward to tomorrow’s Horse Health Freestyle. The first horse will be appearing in front of the judges around 11am on Tuesday 22 December and the combination with the highest combined score from the two tests will be crowned the 46th LeMieux National Champion.

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