Grackle nosebands among new BD-approved tack items

  • British Dressage (BD) will allow a number of different bridles, nosebands and bits in competition.

    The tack items were recently granted FEI approval and will immediately be permitted for use in affiliated dressage classes.

    Among the most notable inclusions in the list are grackle nosebands.

    All grackle, crossed and figure of eight nosebands will be BD legal.

    Unconventional designs of bridle and noseband, which have become increasingly popular in recent months, are also included in the list of approved items.

    The less traditional tack items include the Tota Comfort System, the Sweden High Jump bridle and the Stübben Freedom Bridle.

    Stübben’s Freedom Bridle, featured in H&H magazine (news, 14 July), was given FEI approval for dressage competitions on 30 June.

    Its design is aimed to give horses full sight, free movement of the ears and relieve pressure.

    Unlike a traditional bridle, on which the cheek pieces run straight down the horse’s head, the Freedom design leaves this area clear.

    The bridle also leaves space around the horse’s sensitive ear muscles and the headpiece and throatlash have been adapted to relieve pressure on the poll and cheeks.

    Bits included on the list are Bombers Equestrian’s Flexible Mullen and Loose Ring Ultra Comfy, as well as eight types of Myler bit.

    The Happy Mouth Bit HB-6000-SP has also been granted BD approval, as has the HB-6801-SP model.

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    In addition, personalized identification tags, VerTags, will be allowed in BD competitions.

    “The FEI recently released an update regarding permitted tack in FEI competitions,” said a BD spokesman on 2 August.

    “With immediate effect, these items of tack are also permitted for use under BD rules.”

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