Times are changing as equestrian bosses mend their ways *H&H Plus*

  • There is “growing momentum” of bosses demonstrating good practice, it is thought, as good employment week heads towards its close.

    The emphasis of the initiative (18-24 November) is on positive employment and support, and the Equestrian Employers Association (EEA) feels it is apt its 1,000th contract has been created.

    The EEA’s online contract creator was developed to help bosses ensure they are compliant with the law.


    And although the association’s research shows less than 60% of grooms have written contracts, so the industry has work to do, EEA president Tullis Matson of Stallion AI Services says reaching 1,000 is positive.

    “This is a real milestone, and another step to the imperative modernisation of our industry,” he said.

    “Creating a legal, safe environment for employees is an essential component in allowing individuals to reach their potential, not to mention a priority in protecting yourself and your business.”

    Olympic champion Nick Skelton said his office staff used the contract creator, which he described as easy to use.

    “I offer my staff a good job, they’re paid well and looked after. I think it is really important to do it right,” he added.

    Lynne Mastroianni, owner of Kingston Riding Centre, told H&H how important it is to treat staff well.

    “They love it here and we tend to keep them for a long time,” she said. “Apart from the legal requirements, it’s so important to treat people well. Working with horses is a hard job but if you look after people, they’re happy to do it.

    “We have regular staff meetings, and we ask our staff their opinions and advice, rather than telling them what they’re going to do. We really are like a big family.”

    Dressage star Carl Hester added: “The team around me are an integral part of what I do and our success. Good and correct employment is paramount; not just for my yard but for the retention of the workforce and the future of the equestrian industry.”

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