Giant horse sculpture unveiled at Marble Arch

  • Bronze horses’ heads large and small by Nic Fiddian-Green go on show this week in London for the first time since the sculptor recovered from life-threatening leukaemia.

    Mr Fiddian-Green, who hunts, along with his family, with the Surrey Union, has made 20 new pieces for the show at the Sladmore Gallery, W1.

    And a 30ft monumental piece was unveiled at Marble Arch this week (not pictured).

    Fiddian-Green’s signature form of the horse’s head was first inspired by the Elgin Marbles at the British Museum, but he also uses his own chestnut hunter, George, as a model.

    Owners of his work include the polo-playing Packer family in Australia, and the actors Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise, and horse-lovers around the world as well as art collectors have pieces of his.

    His monumental landscape works are also on display at Glyndebourne this summer as part of the opera house’s 75th anniversary celebrations.

    The exhibition “Bold, New Work” at the Sladmore Gallery, London W1 (www.sladmore.com; 020 7499 0365), runs from 23 June for a month, in aid of the Royal Marsden.

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