Nic Fiddian-Green to clean his 35ft horse sculpture

Making a 35ft sculpture of a horse’s head it one thing. But trying to clean it is quite another.

This Sunday (14 October) equine sculptor Nic Fiddian-Green will do just that, as he is suspended above his bronze horse “Still Water” – which stands at Marble Arch in London – to clean up after the pigeons.

“It is a great honour that Westminster city council have made this a permanent work of art for the city,” said Fiddian-Green.

“I am humbled that so many people have written to me and that I am still able to uplift and inspire people as they pass by, rushing to work.”

Fiddian-Green’s signature form of the horse’s head was first inspired by the Elgin Marbles at the British Museum, but he also used his own chestnut hunter, George, as a model.

He will be cleaning the sculpture at 8am on Sunday.

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