Amazing Game of Thrones’ stunt horses help working equines

  • The equine stars of hit television series Game of Thrones are helping to improve the lives of working horses across the world.

    The horses, who appear in the epic battle scene with Jon Snow in series six, carry the White Walkers and accompany Daenerys Targaryen, are switching the spotlight onto hard-working donkeys, mules and horses.

    They are supporting the “how the other horse lives” campaign, run by global equine welfare charity Brooke.

    The aim of the initiative is to highlight the differences between the daily lives of horses in the UK and working animals in developing countries.

    As part of this, their charity has been sharing pictures and exclusive snippets of information about the horses which hail from the Devil’s Horsemen stunt team.

    “We’re proud to support Brooke’s How The Other Horse Lives campaign,” said Camilla Naprous of the Devil’s Horsemen.

    “We have easy access to everything we need to make sure our horses are happy and healthy, when they’re working and when they’re not.

    “People in developing countries don’t always have the skills they need to maintain good welfare, or access to nutritious feed, vets or farriers.

    We admire Brooke’s approach to helping and educating owners and workers in the welfare of these horses, mules and donkeys and by the sheer scale in which they are making changes.”

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    The Devil’s Horsemen are based in Mursley, Buckinghamshire, and have 80 horses who star in film and television.

    The equines’ other credits include the Lloyds bank adverts, Wonder Woman, Transformers, War Horse and Tomb Raider.

    “These horses are now part of a relatively few horses that work in the UK on a daily basis,” said a Brooke spokesman.

    “Although many still do, gone are the days when horses and donkeys drew carts through the streets of London, or ploughed the fields.

    “However, in developing countries, people still rely on working equines.

    “There are over 100 million of these animals worldwide that support the lives of around 600 million people.”

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