Equestrian employers invited to mould future of apprenticeships

  • Equine employers and other representatives of equine industry have until 18 January to complete an online questionnaire about equine apprenticeships and training.

    The questionnaire, which has been launched by Lantra, the sector skills council for environmental and land-based industries, will help give the equine industry more control over its training and qualifications.

    Apprenticeships, which combine learning with on-the-job training, are common in the equine industry.

    “Apprenticeships can help ensure the sector’s workforce has the skills it needs to remain competitive,” explained Jo-Anne Bryan, Lantra’s project manager for apprenticeship frameworks.

    “They are a great way for employers to ensure their workforce is up to the challenge now and in the future.”

    A discussion meeting for those involved in the equine industry will be held on 21 January to follow up the questionnaire.

    “There is nothing more satisfying than when advertising for a position and a previous student comes back for the job,” said Helen Gallop of Summerhouse Training and Equitation Centre in Gloucestershire.

    “It’s fantastic because we know the applicant and they know us: we’ve trained them and we know what they will produce.”

    The questionnaire is part of a wider consultation by Lantra about the future direction of apprenticeships in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    Lantra, which represents more than 17 land-based industries, focuses on driving forward new skills, training and business development agendas for the sector.

    “We want as many industry representatives as possible to respond to this consultation as we want to meet industry needs,” added Helen.

    For more information, or to take part, visit www.lantra.co.uk/apprenticeships or tel: 02476 858 424

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