Embrace your lockdown hair with your equine doppelganger

  • An equine charity is inviting supporters to embrace their unruly lockdown hairstyles and help raise money for horses in need.

    The “Mane Event” fundraiser asks people to send in a picture of their unkempt hairdos, as well as donating the cost of their usual hairdressers’ appointments to Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

    The charity will then match up your mane with that of an equine “twin” in its care. Every participant is then sent a photo of their four-legged doppelganger to share with friends and family on social media.

    The campaign has raised more than £1,500 so far of a £2,000 target.

    Like most charities, Redwings has been forced to close its doors to visitors during the pandemic, as well as cancelling fundraising events. The sanctuary is 100% funded by donations and has more than 1,500 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules to support.

    Redwings head of fundraising Debbie Scott said: “Sadly, the pandemic has significantly impacted our ability to fundraise and we estimate that we will have lost £150,000 in income by the end of June just from our visitor centres being closed.

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    “Our aim with the Mane Event is to not just raise vital funds, but also to provide our supporters a way of continuing to get involved in Redwings even though they can’t visit us currently, as well as hopefully raising a smile.”

    “We’ve had some fantastic photos sent to us already of some truly crazy lockdown hairstyles and we’ve really enjoyed searching the sanctuary for their best horsey hair twins,” she added.

    “We really hope more people will continue to join in and help us be here for horses in desperate need, now and into the future.”
    To take part in the Redwings Mane Event, visit the charity’s fundraising page.

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