Emaciated pony found wounded on main road

  • An emaciated pony found with multiple open wounds and injuries on a busy road in West Yorkshire was so weak she could barely walk.

    The RSPCA was called by a member of the public who had found the pony wandering along the Halifax Road/Queensbury Road on the A647 in Queensbury leading towards Halifax on August 23 at 9pm.

    RSPCA Inspector Natalie Taylor said: “Thankfully, a member of the public stopped to help Peanut and brought her to safety. They tried to find an owner before calling the RSPCA and a vet, who was able to give her veterinary treatment that night.

    The inspector said the mare’s ribs, hip bones and shoulder bones are very prominent and she is “extremely underweight”.

    “She also has open wounds and an infection to her head and face. There are multiple small wounds and injuries to her legs as well as old scars on her face,” said the inspector.

    The RSPCA thanked the members of public who rescued and cared for the pony, adding if they hadn’t have acted so quickly “this little one may have not made it through the night”.

    “At this stage, it is unclear what the cause of the injuries are, but what is clear is that poor Peanut has been through an incredibly tough time already. She is now in RSPCA care and receiving vital treatment but sadly she is not out of the woods yet,” said the inspector.

    “It is believed the pony was abandoned and the RSPCA is now appealing for anyone who may have information on this, or anyone who recognises the pony, to contact the RSPCA on the inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018, and quote reference number 00002763.”

    The pony is now in the RSCPA’s care.

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