Horse found tethered and abandoned in Oxfordshire

  • A horse with an horrific leg injury has been found abandoned and tethered out of reach of food in a field in Oxfordshire.

    The bay colt was found with a rope tether tangled around his right hind leg — which had cut into his flesh as deep as the bone and tendons.

    The wound was infested with maggots and is thought to have been about three days old.

    The horse, who is thought to be two years old, was found at 3pm on Thursday, 3 July, near junction 8a of the M40 in between Wheatley and Middle Ground.

    He was also very thin and dehydrated and it was later found that he had been tethered in the field for two weeks.

    In this time the rope had been restraining him close to a tree making it impossible for him to reach grass.

    RSPCA inspector Doug Davidson said: “This horse had been left tethered to this tree with no thought for his welfare and, as a result, he suffered a terrible injury.

    “This incident highlights the dangers of tethering animals without monitoring them.

    Julia Sly, of World Horse Welfare, added: “Tethering always carries a risk of injury but the manner in which this horse was tethered and the lack of care afforded to him made injury and suffering inevitable.

    “It was only by chance that the person who called us found this poor horse and, if he had not been discovered, he would have suffered even more pain and distress.”

    The horse in is veterinary care, but it is not yet known whether he will make a full recovery.

    Anyone with information should contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

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