Emaciated pony ‘covered in wounds and sores’ dumped dead on roadside *warning: graphic image*

  • An emaciated dead pony was found dumped in northwest London.

    The skewbald was found on 7 April on Ass House Lane, Harrow Weald.

    He had a rope tied around his back legs and was dumped in a driveway between 6am and 7am.


    “We often find that the bodies of dumped dead equines have rope like this tied around their legs,” said RSPCA deputy chief inspector Nicole Broster.

    “It is used to drag the bodies from where they died to a remote location as it is expensive to dispose of bodies.

    “This was not an acceptable or respectful way to dispose of a body— just discarding it like rubbish in that way.”

    Ms Broster added that a particular concern was how the pony died.

    “The body of this young pony was in an awful state, it does not look as if it had been cared for at all,” she said.

    “The pony was emaciated, and covered in wounds and sores. It also looked as if it had been down in a stable before it died as its flank was covered in faeces and sawdust.

    “I can only think that this poor pony suffered an immeasurable amount before it died.”

    Those with any information are urged to contact the RSPCA by calling 03001238018.

    ‘Callous and unacceptable’

    Police appealed for information after a young black filly was found dumped in a ditch in a village in Hertfordshire (warning: graphic content) earlier this year (2 March).

    The body was discovered by officers in a ditch on Bradmore Lane in the village of Brookmans Park near Hatfield.

    The youngster had no microchip or other identification.

    The body had started to decompose by the time it was found.

    “Who knows what happened to this poor animal before she died and it is callous and unacceptable for horses to be treated like this,” said RSPCA inspector Stephanie Law.

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