Driving harness needed for Coventry Transport Museum

  • Coventry Transport Museum has put out a call for a driving harness set to kit out its model horse “Mercedes”.

    A Daimler Prince Consort horse-drawn wagonette has been donated to the West Midlands attraction by London’s Science Museum, and will go on display in the new year.

    But the museum has no harness with which to attach Mercedes to her 19th-century carriage.

    Museum spokesman Clive Skelhon said: “The Daimler Wagonette is an important link between horse-drawn carriages and the car, but we have no tack.

    “The museum would like a set of correct harness on long-term loan, or as a donation.”

    The wagonette is a lightweight, road-going vehicle with a shooting brake.

    If you can help, contact Clive Skelhorn on 02476 234295.

    This article was first published in the current issue of Horse & Hound, 18 November ’10

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