Driver hurled abuse as he tried to push horse off the road with his car

  • A rider whose horse was bumped along the road by an impatient driver hurling abuse believes the law needs to be changed.

    Emma Edwards was riding on a narrow road near West Buckland, Somerset, on 28 March when a Skoda approached from the rear.

    She told H&H she trotted on towards a lay-by as soon as she saw the car, intending to get out of the driver’s way.

    “But he didn’t give me a chance,” she said.

    “His bumper was literally on my horse’s bottom while we were trotting. He was trying to push me on to the verge, revving his engine and zig-zagging back and forward across the road.

    “I asked him what he was doing and he just hurled abuse at me. I started to panic a bit because he was so aggressive.”

    Emma, who has evented up to four-star level, said she was unable to move on to the verge as it was only inches wide, with a ditch to the left. She trotted on to the lay-by, with the Skoda “on the horse’s backside” all the way.

    “I thought I had to get my phone out to film him and get his registration but didn’t get enough footage,” she said. “As soon as pulled off the road, he shot past shouting more abuse; how he didn’t clip my horse, I don’t know.

    “Luckily, my little thoroughbred, Danny, is amazing in traffic and didn’t bat an eyelid. My other horse is 18hh and would have double-barrelled the car and probably broken his leg.”

    Emma called police, and said they investigated. She believes they may have concluded there was not enough evidence in the footage to support a prosecution

    “I think something in the law needs to change,” she said. “That man obviously has a bad attitude problem; he saw me and thought ‘she shouldn’t be on the road, I’m getting her out of my way’, instant aggression. I was gobsmacked.

    “Something has to be done because things are getting more dangerous.

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    “There are lots of kids who ride round here; if it had been one of them, it would have been very dangerous. But I’ve told other people about him, told them to be prepared with hat cameras.

    “People know to look out for him now so hopefully we can nail him if he does it again.”

    Avon and Somerset Police confirmed the incident had been reported.

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