Injured rider wins £81,500 claim after horrific car crash

  • A rider has received a payout of more than £80,000 after his horse was hit by a car, leaving him with serious spinal injuries and the horse dead.

    Richard Clutterbuck was riding with his wife Gillian on 24 August 2010 near Great Oxendon in Northamptonshire, when the accident happened (not pictured).

    His horse Linford was killed and Gillian and her horse, Poppy, were both injured. Mr Clutterbuck was airlifted to hospital and underwent spinal surgery.

    Mr Clutterbuck said an oncoming vehicle had slowed down to approach them, when a sports car overtook it, crashing into Linford. The horse was killed instantly, while Mr Clutterbuck was thrown clear. Poppy fell on Mrs Clutterbuck, injuring her knee.

    On 26 June the case was settled, after the driver accepted liability for the crash. Mr Clutterbuck was awarded an insurance settlement of £81,500.

    “This was an extremely serious accident which could easily have been avoided,” said Rachel Rogers of law firm QualitySolicitors Wilson Browne, who settled the claim.

    “Mr Clutterbuck’s day-to-day life has been affected as a consequence of this accident.

    “This case highlights the need for riders to be extremely cautious where they ride and ensure that they are as visible as possible.

    “It should also remind drivers to be aware that what is around the next bend could be a living creature and moderate their speed accordingly.”

    This news story was first published in Horse & Hound magazine (8 August 2013)

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