Charlotte Dujardin gets Valegro sculpture

  • Double Olympic gold medallist Charlotte Dujardin has added a bronze to her collection — in the form of a sculpture of her Greenwich mount, Valegro.

    Charlotte commissioned the work, by sculptor Frances Margaret, last June — before the pair became household names.

    Frances visited the pair at their base at Carl Hester’s yard in Newent, Glos, several times, to make sketches and take photos of them in action.

    She delivered the sculpture to Charlotte yesterday (29 April) — and it appears to have been given Valegro’s seal of approval.

    “Charlotte was delighted and rushed off to show Valegro in the paddock,” said Frances.

    “She called him over and he nuzzled the sculpture and looked at it — he was so sweet.

    “As soon as he heard her voice, he trotted over. It was very apparent that they have a real bond,” Frances added.

    The sculpture depicts Valegro in his expressive extended trot.

    It took Frances almost a year to make.

    “I went up to see Charlotte riding Valegro in the manège several times and studied him long and hard,” said Frances.

    “I had the joy of watching them for quite a while.

    “Charlotte also helped me by looking at the sculpture several times. She’s a perfectionist, so I wanted her to look at it and feel it was right.”

    Frances has previously made a sculpture for Charlotte’s mentor, Carl, of his great horse Escapado. Carl also has two bronze horses’ heads by Frances on the entrance to his manège.


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