British horse breeding

  • The British sport horse and pony industry moved a step closer to uniting earlier in the month when a proposal for a lead body for the sector was published.

    The proposal was drawn up by an industry steering group and comes in response to the Strategy for the Horse Industry in England and Wales, which states that all sectors must have a lead body to improve the standard of British-bred horses (news, 8 February).

    The proposal consists of a list of aims and functions, which includes developing a centre of excellence for British breeding and creating a kite mark for British-bred horses.

    Jan Rogers of the British Equestrian Federation told H&H: “The purpose of the lead body is to pull all the threads together so that breeders and producers are communicating to ensure that we are producing the horses we need.”

    An action plan on how to implement the aims and functions will be published on 11 July.

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